Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy of JLG Automation bv applies to all users of this website.

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This Privacy Policy complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the European Union. You may have additional rights under other foreign or domestic laws that may apply to you.

In GDPR terms, you are a “Data Subject” and JLG Automation is a “Data controller” and a “Data Processor” of your “Personal Data”. Some personal data, e.g. email communication, may also be processed by a third party data processor.

This Privacy Policy covers the following topics:

  • The collection of your personal data
  • The use of your personal data
  • The protection of your personal data
  • Your personal data and third parties
  • Our use of cookies
  • Your rights

Feel free to contact us if you have questions, comments or concerns about this Privacy Policy.

The Collection of your Personal Data

When you use this website, you may fill out forms with personal data such as your name, email address and other details. JLG Automation may retain and use this personal data over longer periods.

When you browse this website, our servers automatically receive and log traffic data that includes your computer’s IP address, your browser type and date and time stamps. Our servers may also log some personal data from cookies on your computer.

The Use of your Personal Data

We use your personal data for processing your inquiries and for responding to your requests.

For customer support, you must login to our website. At that time, we verify your identity to provide you with the correct support.

Traffic data logs are only used for administering our website.

The Protection of your Personal Data

Your personal data is stored on secured servers of JLG Automation and of third parties.

We restrict access to your personal data to employees with a confidentiality agreement.

Your Personal Data and Third Parties

We will not share, redistribute or sell your personal data with or to third parties for any reason.

Third parties that provide data processing services to JLG Automation, are bound by a data processing agreement with confidentiality obligations as part of their service contract.

Our use of Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on a computer by a website page.

Certain pages of our website use strictly necessary cookies (e.g. session cookies), performance cookies (e.g. cookies with the pages you visited on our website) and functional cookies (e.g. cookies for remembering your choices and selections). These cookies are used to optimize the working of our website.

You may prefer to disallow cookies for this website. Most modern browsers allow you to determine how cookies are handled. You can set up those browsers to allow, partially allow or disallow the use of cookies for this website. You can also delete cookies from your computer by using your browser settings.

Your Rights

Under the GDPR and as a user of this website, you have the following rights:

  1. The right to be informed
    You have the right to be informed about what personal data we collect, retain and process and why we collect, retain and process that data.
  2. The right of access
    On your request, we will provide you an insight or a copy of your personal data we retain and process.
  3. The right to rectification
    If you believe your personal data is not up to date or not accurate, you can contact us to rectify it.
  4. The right to erasure
    On your request, we will erase your personal data from our servers when such removal is legally and technically possible. When the removal is technically not possible, we will apply a technique called pseudonymization.
  5. The right to restrict processing
    You have the right to withdraw any consent you gave to us to process your personal data. On your request, we will block or suppress the processing of that personal data.
  6. The right to data portability
    On reasonable requests, we will export your data and provide it to you in a commonly used format.
  7. The right to object
    You have the right to demand that we stop processing your personal data for any reason.
  8. The rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling
    You have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on the automated processing of your personal data and you have the right not to be profiled for any reason not related to why you provided your personal data.


JLG Automation bv is entitled to change the content of this Privacy Policy without notifications to the users. The implementation of the changes on this website is considered sufficient.