Quality Inspection

JLG Automation provides quality inspection solutions with the PQDL system (Product Quality Data Logging). The PQDL system has been developed to be easily integrated with test systems, andon systems and other manufacturing systems.

Our traditional inspection stations are based on a PC with optional peripherals such as barcode scanners and label printers. Modern rugged tablets, handhelds and networked devices deliver the additional flexibility for mobile inspection.

Quality Inspection – PQDL

A central controller coordinates the communication between the PQDL devices and merges the collected data into consistent up-to-date product quality data that is available in real-time for repair activities, quality control and quality management.

Inspection stations and inspection devices with PQDL software bring:

  • Lists with mandatory check items to promote complete inspections
  • Free navigation through product breakdowns for efficient inspection of complex products
  • Model-dependent inspection items for products with multiple variants
  • Pictures to indicate fault locations
  • Multiple faults can be assigned to a single component or a single location
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Short learning curve for operators
  • Supports repair using the same or another networked computer or device